Families of victim, shooter grieve together as Lexington murder suspect is sentenced

The families of a suspect who killed two people and one of his victims embraced one another and cried together in a Fayette County courtroom Wednesday as they watched a 20-year-old suspect accused of two killings get sentenced to 25 years in prison. Nathaniel Kincaid, 20, pleaded guilty to amended charges of murder and second-degree … Read more

Job cuts in tech sector spread, Microsoft lays off 10,000

Microsoft is cutting 10,000 workers, almost 5% of its workforce, joining other tech companies that have scaled back their pandemic-era expansions. The company said in a regulatory filing Wednesday that the layoffs were a response to “macroeconomic conditions and changing customer priorities.” The Redmond, Washington-based software giant said it will also be making changes to … Read more

Exposure to World Trade Center Dust Exacerbates Cognitive Impairment in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s

Summary: Mice exposed to dust from the WTC showed impairments in both long and short-term memory, and spatial recognition, as well as alterations to genes associated with immune-inflammatory response and blood-brain barrier dysfunction. Findings suggest first responders who were exposed to dust from the WTC experience a peripheral-brain immune inflammatory response that leads to cognitive … Read more

Apple Called Out for ‘Brutal’ Mac Trade-In Values ​​Following Launch of New Models

Wednesday January 18, 2023 12:44 am PST by Sami Fathi Apple is facing criticism online for offering poor Mac trade-in values ​​following this week’s launch of new MacBook Pro and Mac mini models. Yesterday, MKBHD researcher David Imel tweeted that Apple offers just $970 in trade-in credit for a Mac Pro configuration that it still … Read more