The buzz about bees, nutrition, parasites and how it’s all connected

If you believe the Earth is round — which it is — you might also buy that there are cyclical processes on this planet, endless roundabout ways all lifeforms are interconnected, that we are still trying to comprehend at a global scale.

Heavy rainfall in Californiafor example, influences the flow of nutrients across a landscape, which impacts the abundance and functioning of marine and terrestrial life, which can alter fisheries and crop production, which can affect food variety and availability nationwide, which affects human health, which circles back to the beginning to influence how well we work together to safeguard access to the nutrients we need to live.

Deep circular breath; it’s a lot to take in.

Even the climate fluctuates over time in natural cycles, like volcanic activity, and unnatural cycles, primarily the burning of fossil fuels by humans to travel around the surface of this sphere on which we live. (We can control one of those processes if we work together, but that’s not the point right now.)

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